Restaurant Isiene (my love) in Hostal Garifuna

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Isiene means My Love in Garifuna language. This is the name of the brand new hgres2
hgrers3restaurant of Hostal Garifuna, too. Restaurant Isiene was inaugurated in beginning of October and since then it has been the most popular place to eat in Orinoco Garifuna community. We are very pleased to hear such comments in Facebook:

"Como olvidar ese delicioso robalo frito, preparado con cultura, en el comedor delHostal Garifuna? Ahora convertido en Restaurante, con el esfuerzo de su propietaria y gerente, Kensy Sambola. Alli me detendré a comer la proxima vez que visite la comunidad!

"There is no way to forget the delicious fish meals, prepared with culture in Hostal Garifuna's restaurant. Any time I am around, I will stop there to enjoy the excilent food there."

We are proud to invite visitors to find secrets of Garifuna cuisine and  enjoy traditional menu of seafood and Garifuna gastronomy in our Restaurant Isiene.



hostal garirfuna frente 2013


Garifuna Festival - beautiful views from Orinoco

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festival garifuna 2013 vol 6

Sunset from pier..

festival garifuna.2013 vol 1

Visitors coming in to Orinoco..

festival garifuna 2013 vol 2 Garifuna people memorizing arrival to Nicaragua 133 years ago..

festival garifuna 2013 vol 3

Tradition and colorful costumes...

festival garifuna 2013 vol 4

View to Pearl Lagoon..



Garifuna culture and tradition celebration In Orinoco

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Garifuna Culture and Tradition is celebrated in Orinoco in November. You can find cultural presentations, traditional food fairs, conserts, dancing, drumming and other Garifuna culture oriented activities allmost every day in the town. The main event of the Garifuna month, Garifuna festival 2013 will be organized in Orinoco 19:th of November in Orinoco. Every year there have been international music-  and dancing groups visiting for us and showing incredible presentations based on rich Garifuna culture. These presentations of local artists and guests from Belize, Honduras and Guatemala are one of the most important cultural event in Nicaragua and Central America. Our warm recommendation is: Don't miss them! Be there!



Sweet Country music in La Fe community

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Rubert Sambola and country music presentation

Roberts Country...
Roberts Country House band from La Fe Roberts Country House band from La Fe

Surprisingly, good old Country and Western music is very popular in Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast. In dance halls, specially among older generations play lot very famous, sentimental and traditional country songs. Where this kind of preference comes from, nobody knows. But sure they are very popular. Mr Robert Sambola's La Fe country band give us a taste of Nicaraguan talent of playing Country and Western songs, when visinting in La Fe Garifuna community. Check these videos out, they are amazing.


Spend pleasent Easter in Orinoco- Live the garifuna culture!

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P1000334Easter 2013 is soon here! Now is the best time to spend a pleasent time in Orinoco, the major Garifuna community in Nigaraguan Caribbean coast. What to do, then? Burn Water fenomenon is in its best right now. in the nightime all small animals of the river reflect pale-green light when water is agitated by boat, by fish or by crocodile. The light can be very strong: you don't need the flashlight at all. The crocodile catching is in its best, too, You can go to see alligators and crocodiles in their natural environment in river Wawashan and even capture the small ones by hand (if you wish to do so). We will show you how it works safely. Fishing is very good right now, boath in the river and the lagoon and some mighty tarpoons are waiting for you. 

But the most important thing is always easy going atmospphere and relaxing in culturally rich place. Dancing, playing drums, playing games, participate in nice social life of Easter time, feeling good and enjoying the life -- and living the Garifuna culture!

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Welcome to Hostal Garifuna!


Bienvenidos a Hostal Garifuna, Orinoco, Nicaragua!


(505)  8504 5724 (Kensy)
Orinoco: From warf, 50 mts. to north, by side of Anglican church.
Bluefields (Kensy Sambola): Barrio Canal, 

Orinoco: Desde muelle, 50 mts al norte, frente de iglesia Anglicana.
Bluefields (Kensy Sambola) Barrio Canal, Frente de rotonda.
 Catalogo de aventuras 2012  (esp)




altKensy Sambola is the owner of Hostal Garifuna. Kensy runs the hotel and is responsible of tours and almost everything what is going on. She has extraordinary knowledge about the Garifuna culture, partly by family background, partly her anthropology studies. Her masters -thesis treated especially Garifuna's traditional way of life, idiosyncrasy, spirituality and believing. She is a perfect choice when You need information about the Garifuna culture. Don't hesitate to ask...


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