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It was a pitch dark night in Wawashan river at early March. A group of Michigan state University's students were learning a unusual skill in direction of their professor, Jerry Urquhart; How to catch a living crocodile with bare hands. According to the joke of Jerry; if you are studying biology and wildlife, you have to know how to handle them in their natural environment. In order to pass the course, students have to catch a crocodile bare handed.
Tonight was the night to pass this test and with the fourth trial; a success, a reptile was captured by bare hand. Everybody was cheering. And everybody wanted to hold the not so big crocodile and get a picture of the situation. Crocodile did not make too much efforts to escape or to harm anybody. After a while, it was left to go back to the black depths of Wawashan river.Hostal Garifuna organizes night tours to river Wawashan not only to see Caimans and alligators but Burn water -phenomena (micro-organisms which emits a powerful green light in nigh time when water is agitated) The cost of the trip varies from 30 to 60 usd / person -depending the amount of participants. If you are interested, ask the tour from hotel administration.

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