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Hostal Garifuna with it's counterparts organize one day tours to Pearl Keys tropical islands which are located in Caribbean sea about 30-60 kilometers from Peal Lagoon. By the way; Known TV-show Survivors was partially filmed here.. The boat trip takes about 2 hours and includes snorkeling, fishing and enjoying untouchable sandy bays, coral reefs and small tropical islands. Trip is made with bigger panga with out sea equipment, so it is safe and comfortable.
Of course, the weather conditions must be carefully considered beforehand and may sometimes change planned and reserved trip. You need to have your passport with you, because coast guard will check it when leaving the Lagoon area.Tour to Pearl Keys is more expensive comparing to other mini tours: You need a big open see panga to make it safe and therefore a out board motor is lot bigger and consume more fuel. Depending to amount of participants, the cost per person is from 100 us dollars upwards.

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