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Spend a night in the Jungle -tour is organized in the co-operation with Wawahang – agriculture school, who are the authorities of Wawashan and Kakha Creek Natural reserve. Interested groups can make a night –animal watching tour in Kakha-Creek reserve and spend the night in the basic, but comfortable resort or according to your choose, even in tents.The optimal number of participants is 5-15 persons. Spend night in the jungle is safe and comfortable. Anyhow it is a tough trip, so you need to reserve enough time for it. Duration of the tour is 2 days.

First the group will come to Orinoco in the day before and spend a night in Hostal Garifuna facilities. Very early in the morning the departure from Orinco by small boat take a place and group proceed to the Wawashang –agriculture school (1-2 hours). There is a great opportunity to observe river wildlife (variety of birds, monkeys, turtles and caimans, butterflies and lot of more) in the early dawn. In the school there will be a short introduction of school activities.  Next there will be a boat trip to community of Pueblo Nuevo: (20 min). Horse riding or hiking will lead you from the Pueblo Nuevo to Kakha Creek resort (1-2 hours).

 In the late afternoon there will be a short jungle trip by foot, in routes of the Kakha Creek reserve and the viveros of the area. Before the night falls the group will establish in the dormitories of the resort and have meal.  In the night there will be a 1 – 2 hour trip to the wildlife watching points with the professional guide. You can sleep the night in the reserve (good conditions, running water, green electricity). In the next day, group will come back using the same route.Return to  Orinoco will be in the afternoon about 4:00 PM. The group can spend another night in Orinoco, Hostal Garifuna facilities or if you choose, go to Laguna de Perlas. The most recommendable is to leave in the next morning. The trip is tough, but we guarantee that it is worth of all efforts. The price of the tour depends much about size of group so you need ask an offer tailored for your group. Good estimation for the group of 6 persons is 100 US dollars /person, but that varies  acording to dishes, guides and way of accomodation.

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