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Traditional Garifuna drums (tambores) are divided into three categories: The big drum of the team of three "tamboristas" represents the past. The medium size drum represents today and the small drum represents the future. Played together these drums are the image and the vision of the Garifuna life-cycle and their believing. If you want to have own "tambor" for you personal use, Check this out! As a personal Garifuna Adventure for you - Hostal Garifuna offers a possibility to learn how to play these drums in adecuate way, with the guidance of local and very qualified teachers. Of course to be a professional it takes a work of years, but in few days you can find the principles and an idea how to do the right things with the drums.If you get enthusiast, you can buy own personal Garifuna drum for your use only -- an for future training. The smallest future drum costs 80 usd in Orinoco (unfortunately we are not able to send it other places, yet). Some drums are always available in our facilities and to be sure to have your personal drum, you can make an order for it in advance. Local professional handicraft make it, and we keep it reserved waiting for your visit. Just contact us!


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