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International Festival Garifuna is organized every year in 19:th of November. It is a national Garifuna day in Nicaragua and conmemorize the arrival of Garifuna people to Central America and Nicaragua. Garifuna Culture and Tradition is celebrated in Orinoco in November. You can find cultural presentations, traditional food fairs, conserts, dancing, drumming and other Garifuna culture oriented activities allmost every day in the town. The main event of the Garifuna month, Garifuna festival 2013 will be organized in Orinoco 19:th of November in Orinoco. Every year there have been international music-  and dancing groups visiting for us and showing incredible presentations based on rich Garifuna culture. These presentations of local artists and guests from Belize, Honduras and Guatemala are one of the most important cultural event in Nicaragua and Central America. Our warm recommendation is: Don't miss them! Be there!

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