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Every year more than two thousand of people gather together in Orinoco to celebrate arrival of Garifuna people to Nicaragua. Festival Garifuna of current year is happier than ever: Dancing, drumming, international music groups and bands, Garifuna gastronomy, discussion groups and panels, marching groups; a lot of cultural activities to choose of.


The main festival is held in Orinoco in 19;th of November every year. In this year it will be Saturday, but it doesn't affect to the atmosphere of our Great Festival: it will be full of emotion, laughter, dancing and traditional games and there will be a lot of fun and laughter in the air.

The music is a basic thing of our festival; this year there will be a concert of a band that have visited in Orinoco with success and has a great popularity: But we will not reveal this yet! The concert will be in the main stage which is built in the yard of the school center. In the same place you can enjoy presentations of many dancing groups from Orinoco and other Central American garifuna towns.

There will be other events during Festival days, such as marching bands and parades, traditional games, special Garifuna food, and a lot more... You really can feel the touch of Garifuna Culture here.


La Fiesta” starts in Bluefields in Saturday 11;th of November with delicious Garifuna food fair and even more precious selection of Miss Garifuna in BICU university of Bluefields.

Sunday 12:th of November with Garifuna Mass in Bluefields Catholic Church. Next day there is a inter-cultural dialogue of different generations in auditorium of Bicu University in Bluefields.

In Bluefields there will be cultural activities of Garifuna people in different places during 13-15:th of November in various locations. Then Festival Garifuna goes to different Garifuna communities in Pearl Lagoon area north from Bluefields.


There will be a multitude of people coming and going to Orinoco in Festival days. So when you are coming, you need to be in peer early in order to guarantee a place in public panga. Panga traffic's time tables you can find in our web-pages. Pangas are coming back early in Monday morning. Panga trip will take about 2 hours and cost 290 C$ in one direction.

Rio Escondido a bigger ship with capacity of 200 people will make a trip in Saturday. It will leave very early in the morning, about 5;00 AM from municipal warf. The ship is coming back in the next day, starting again very early in the morning. The trip will take about 4 – 5 hours.


In Orinoco there is some places where you can find something to eat and many places where you can find something to drink. Very recommendable place is Hostal Garifuna in the center of town, where you can find delicious meals in the daytime and very good ”Fritos”, local fast food in the night. There you can find soft drinks and beer too. Commercial rum is illegal in the community, but you can find local cuzuza and tasty Giffiti (heeling drink, -take care, it can be very strong) what is safe to drink (so to say well-made). Soft drinks you can find from Hostal Garifuna or from local shops.


Orinoco will be very crowded during Festival Garifuna and it will be hard to find any empty rooms in the community. What you need to do is ask from the community people if there is somebody renting a room. Hotels are normally full booked very much in advance, but you can always try to find some space.


Orinoco is a very safe place, but of course you need to watch out for your things, as you do normally...When there is a lot of people moving, you always can find some dishonest ones. So don't leave any things of value behind and keep your wallet safely in your pocket. And safeguard your valuables such as cameras or computers in safety rooms of hotels (ask them from your hotel). And don't forget to enjoy the Great Festival Garifuna of Orinoco.

In Orinoco there is a police station and national police is watching out the pubic safety during the festival. In Orinocos health center there is a doctor and three nurses for any unexpected incident, and for your safety and comfort. So don't worry but be happy in 19:th of November in Orinoco



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